Using New Tech and Adaptive Logistics to Deliver Sensitive Medicine to Remote and High-Risk Destinations

The Cold Chain Council proudly presents its latest webinar: Using New Tech and Adaptive Logistics to Deliver Sensitive Medicine to Remote and High-Risk Destinations

Learn the methodology behind bringing highly sensitive cargo, such as lifesaving medicines, to remote and undeveloped parts of the globe safely and effectively. Through an efficient and flexible cold chain, emerging UAV technology is gearing up to make these kinds of critical deliveries more accessible in the future. Join us for the Cold Chain Council’s upcoming webinar as we speak to Georgios Ampartzidis of the World Federation of Hemophilia and Ed De Reyes of Sabrewing Aircraft. We’ll discuss and learn more about their experience in tackling extreme cold chain logistics challenges.

Speaker Bios: *Georgios Ampartzidis, Logistics Manager for the World Federation of Hemophilia (WFH). As Logistics Manager for WFH’s humanitarian aid program, Georgios is responsible for global management of distribution including the implementation of distribution plans to fully comply with international regulations, as well as maintaining distribution processes and standards that support and demonstrate supply chain security. He is also responsible for implementing “state-of-the-art” solutions to fill process gaps and improve supply chain efficiency across the humanitarian program.

*Ed De Reyes, Chairman and CEO of Sabrewing Aircraft Company, Inc. Ed is a retired Air Force veteran, entrepreneur, and inventor. He is a former experimental test pilot and flight test engineer for McDonnell Douglas, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman, to name a few. Ed’s experience includes Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) aircraft certification and UAV test experience as far back as 1979 on the BGM-109 Cruise Missle. Ed is a voting member of the American Standards of Testing and Materials in Aircraft Certification Standards, and a 30-year member of the Society of Flight Test Engineers. He is also a commercial, multi-engine and instrument rated pilot.

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